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Working with CPOA Global has been very beneficial to our business. They made sure we had everything we needed and ensured we are getting the best deals possible from AT&T. When problems with our account arose, they were always very helpful to solve them!

Minerva Van Straatum

Sinclair Law Office

We are very satisfied with CPOA's help, they were very helpful. I could not be more satisfied, they were very attentive and very helpful.

Dr. Ivria Spielberg

Marriage and Family


Thank you for all of your help with internet for us and for our customers this year. You have always been so responsive and effective. I always feel that when dealing with CPOA we will get our jobs done right and on time.

Karen Maffei

Proactive Networks, Inc.

CPOA is excellent for their support on communication between my company and AT&T. They have excellent support and focusing on our side needs. CPOA is the only reason that we still keep our AT&T Internet line circuit.

James Huang

JM Eagle Inc.

I have found the CPOA team to be a pleasure to work with over the last 4 years... I was skeptical at first with them as I thought they were an extension of AT&T but found them to be an excellent liaison when needing something from said carrier... I have also found them to be very knowledgeable on both the products and services with the carrier. They are no nonsense guys to work with and I feel they are genuinely looking out for their customers.

Wyman Hom

Ultra Clean


An overall good experience. CPOA Global staff were responsive and made a strong effort to make the transition as seamless as possible. Our service is smooth.

Nahin Choudhury

Panoptic Development

We have received excellent customer service and support from CPOA Global. Not only the great service they provided, their follow up support is very good as well. It has been great experience with CPOA Global.

Keiko Gonzalez

Mutsutech, Ltd.

CPOA Global is very responsive to customer concerns. The process of installing phone and internet lines involves multiple individuals from multiple organizations. Yet my CPOA Global representative served as a single point of contact and would always get back to me quickly regarding the status of my order. The overall experience was very positive.

Andrew Kapur

Attorney at Law

Our overall experience was very good, CPOA was very persistent in helping me even if I was so bust most of the time I never called him back even if I wanted to talk to him because of how busy my life has been. So I am thankful to them for checking back with me each time and that is what finally got us together and finalizing what I needed. The customer service was beyond what most companies would ever do, so again very thankful to CPOA and their team of professionals.

Steve Dangcil

Vidcam Productions, LLC

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As customer demands for your businesses continue to grow, the challenge for companies to keep up increases along with it.

To meet demands, you can equip your organization with the speed and security of the top internet solutions that has what it takes to succeed: fiber-speed connections, dedicated internet with robust SLAs, and VoIP systems that all come with the latest promotions in the industry today.

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