About Us

CPOA Global began in 2002 in California. Since day one, we set out with a clear vision: to become the premier global resource for telecommunications to our customers.

Our focus has always been in delivering the best customer service possible to companies and individuals we interact with. Since we’ve discovered that most of our customers were unhappy with their previous services, we made it our mission to change the landscape of low-quality customer care that has been set in the past.

Today, we find ourselves raising the bar and redefining what it means to provide quality customer support. After enabling more than 1,000 businesses, our dedication proves to continue improving telco services by finding ways to reduce current expenses and assist customers in making the best decisions.

Our Vision

To become the premier global resource and support for telecommunication services to our customers.

5x Solution Provider Champion

Since 2012, we have been an AT&T Solution Provider Champion. This year, we were rewarded with the Silver Champion recognition—a title given only to those who exhibit exceptional performance in offering AT&T’s full product suite. As we strive to become the best solution provider in our industry, we do it knowing that our hard work is what fuels our success. Similarly, it’s what drives our customers to be successful in their line of business as well.

Our Values

While industry jargon may seem impressive to some, often times, they hold little value. That’s why we choose to define our values with the help of our growing team. These set of values that we live by are what allow us to deliver the unique CPOA Global customer experience:







Let us do the hard work.