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BYOD Challenges Companies Should Anticipate

BYOD Challenges Companies Should Anticipate   So your company finally decided to adopt a BYOD program – employees now have the freedom to use their personal mobile devices to do their work; C-level executives are excited about the potentials of increased productivity...

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Why You Should Take Business Mobility Seriously

Enterprise mobility went from being a “trend” into something more integral and more impactful to many businesses’ success. The use of wireless technology has greatly altered the workforce. Not only is it linked to better and faster processes, it has also positively...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Company Safe from Cybercrime

The Internet is full of risks. Hacking, stealing, and data phishing reports are, unfortunately, not usual. From small startups to massive enterprises, the next target could virtually be anyone. That is why now, more than ever, internet security is critical for any...

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4 Reasons Why VoIP Is Worth the Upgrade

Before getting off on the wrong foot here, it’s important that we define two major terms that may not be familiar to even the most experienced office veterans: POTS and VoIP. POTS or Plain Old Telephone System is a phone system that utilizes an analog signal...

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