The Internet is full of risks. Hacking, stealing, and data phishing reports are, unfortunately, not usual. From small startups to massive enterprises, the next target could virtually be anyone. That is why now, more than ever, internet security is critical for any business.

According to the FBI’s Internet Crime Report, financial loss from cybercrime in the US alone was more than $1.3B in 2016. So to help, here are 5 things you can do to strengthen your guard against cybercrime.

1. Keep your servers up-to-date

Software updates are often overlooked. What most business owners don’t realize is that although some updates can be time-consuming, these include patches crucial to keeping data protected. Security patches keep hardware safe from the latest cyber threats and online vulnerabilities.

2. Strengthen password policies

This is one of the easiest ways to keep your company data secure. Make it a company policy to ensure that all passwords for all accounts and devices are strong – at least 8 characters, have a mix of both upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. To guarantee even better security, change passwords at least once a month.

3. Get a secured connection and stay away from public Wi-Fi

Avoid using public Wi-Fi when accessing company data. Since public Wi-Fi requires no authentication, hackers can easily get unrestricted access to devices within the same network. This means places important emails, credit card information, and security credentials at risk. Hackers also use an unsecured Wi-Fi connection to distribute malware that can infect your device.

Similarly, companies that offer Wi-Fi connection should set up a password and require users to log-in or get access from an administrator.

However, for business-critical operations, the best way to prevent vulnerabilities is to get a secured internet connection. Unlike public space Wi-Fi, connections such as Dedicated Internet include hardware that comes straight from the carrier. It also has optional firewall protection that can further prevent hacking threats. With 99.5% uptime rating and 24/7 tech support, you can rest assured that your business operations will run safely, at any time of day.

Protect your business with Dedicated Internet

4. Encrypt data

Advance internet security by encrypting servers, desktops, and mobile devices. Encryption uses algorithms that convert data into codes that only those with a correct key can access data. It enables confidential information to move from one network to another without being compromised.

5. Facilitate cybersecurity training

Educating employees is still the simplest and most cost-effective way to secure your business. Train them to be wary of suspicious emails. Avoid clicking on random popups, or downloading any files that you have not requested.

Never be complacent

The best defense for any cyber-attack is to always be prepared for it. Stay in the know of the latest internet security methods. Often, the simplest solutions can make the biggest difference between maintaining cybersecurity and losing profit from cyberspace vulnerabilities.

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