Enterprise mobility went from being a “trend” into something more integral and more impactful to many businesses’ success. The use of wireless technology has greatly altered the workforce. Not only is it linked to better and faster processes, it has also positively affected employee performance in recent years.

So whether your business relies on mobile data only every so often, or it is absolutely vital to your operations, you should seriously think about the benefits of mobility.

Access to instant information

Streamlined information transfers cut back operation lags. Employees wouldn’t have to go to other departments to access information they need. When they’re outside the office, they wouldn’t have to carry around stacks of references when it’s readily available at the palm of their hands. This makes their job significantly easier and faster.

Sharing notes, contact details, job history, and other files through mobile applications also reduces ink costs and paper use.

Work virtually anywhere, anytime

Mobile solutions are already ideal for industries that involve field work like sales, engineering, etc. But it’s great for remote work too.

According to recent studies, enabling employees to work wherever and whenever they can increase productivity and job satisfaction. Aligning their schedules into their lifestyles lowers their stress levels and consequently increases their engagement with the company.

Better communication and collaboration

Mobility facilitates effective decision-making even in off-site communications. Closing deals or confirming documents, for instance, can all be done without needing everyone in the team physically present. Thus avoiding delays or worse, rejected offers.

This steady flow of information results in better data organization. While face-to-face meetings are still pertinent to reinforce connections, a mobile solution translates into a more creative problem-solving. It’s collaboration without the hassle of traveling or extra expenditures.

How important is DATA to your business?

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Connecting with clients

Improve customer service and satisfaction by keeping employees connected with your clients. Real-time communications help build trust between customers and your company. This is especially convenient when giving consultations. It also makes transactions more convenient. Some food establishments, for example, have taken into mobile ordering and check out applications to decrease staff workload while also improving customer experience.

 Monitor in real-time

Knowledge, as they say, is power. For business owners, having real-time information from employees removes the need for additional reporting or analysis tools. Similarly, employees can use mobile devices from research to closing sales.

Down the line

As BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies and telework statistics increase, enterprises will continue to shift towards mobility.

Stay ahead of the curve by empowering your employees – the driving force of your business – with the tools and technological know-how they need to keep them happy and productive.

If you’re still on the fence about mobility, or unsure about how to seamlessly incorporate it into your company, don’t hesitate to talk to our experts.

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