Corporate Bill Breakdown

Free up your budget and save as much as 30% on annual mobility charges.

Send us your mobility bills and let our team break it down to the smallest detail to optimize your business.

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Mobile Device Management

Stay connected as we manage your business’ mobile device needs completely.

We’ll handle ordering, repair, replacement, and delivery of all your mobile devices and talk to your carrier directly on your behalf.

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Device Buyback Program

Our device buyback program is the perfect solution for businesses looking to get rid of old mobile devices.

We’ll do an audit of your equipment, send a price quote, and buy your old phone and tablets from you.

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Telecom Expense Management

Experience the full-circle complementary service we provide to our customers.

Worry-free spending begins here.

Step 1 | Network Design

Our team of network engineers will help you build and configure the best type of network infrastructure unique to your business’s needs – This ensures maximum efficiency on every user level.

Step 2 | Vendor Selection

Finding the right carrier that will cater to your needs is hard to do on your own – With plenty of options to choose from, our team will narrow it down to a handful of best-fit potential carriers.

Step 3 | Contract Negotiation

Reduce expensive and unnecessary costs and improve carrier support by reviewing and negotiating contract agreements – Save as much as 20% compared to your previous contract.

Step 4 | Account Set Up

Our work doesn’t stop after the selection process has been completed and contracts have been signed – When setting up your new internet or phone account, we’ll manage the process to ensure everything is set to run smoothly.

Step 5 | Project Management

Our team of experienced project managers will be your single point of contact for ordering, service delivery, and post-implementation as we keep you up-to-date in all aspects of your account.

Step 6 | Billing Authentication

We’ve seen businesses that, despite their best efforts in setting up accounts by themselves, are still surprised to find that they’re paying for more than what agreed upon – Bill authentication identifies and tracks errors to eliminate overcharges.

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