Corporate Bill Breakdown

The first step to improving your business

Corporate Bill Breakdown, otherwise known as a Rate Plan Analysis (RPA) or Rate Plan Optimization, reviews and analyzes all aspects of your mobility plan — messaging, calls, data, and other features.

This ensures unnecessary expenses are eliminated and that your plan is optimized for the demands of your business.

Uncover hidden mobility savings


  • Save big on expenses. Save as much as 30% on mobility charges.
  • Better decisions through analytics. Determine services relevant to your business needs.
  • Built to stay on top. Recommendations are based on accurate results generated from latest industry trends.
  • Better efficiency. Reduce workload on non-telco expert employees to formulate similar reports.

Bill Breakdown Process

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Corporate Bill Breakdown?

A Corporate Bill Breakdown is similar to a Rate Plan Analysis (RPA) or Rate Plan Optimization. It refers to the evaluation of our client’s current mobility plan to help them understand and interpret their monthly bill more simply. Doing this allows users to see specific areas of their plan that are not being maximized and can be improved upon.

How will this benefit my company?

Having a Corporate Bill Breakdown done to your company can be beneficial in a lot of ways. The more you know about what you’re paying for versus what your business actually needs, the more you can focus on other things that matter. Not only will you uncover hidden savings, you also optimize your account.

How much does this service cost?

Currently, we’re offering our services to potential business partners free-of-charge. Once a Corporate Bill Breakdown has been created, you will only need to pay for the optimized plan for your business straight to the carrier. We’ll guide you through the process and even do the ordering for you.

How long does a this take to create?

Once all necessary information has been provided to us (past bills, details of your current plan, etc.), it will take our team 3-5 business days to create a full breakdown of your current spend along with our recommendations.

What’s next after I get my Corporate Bill Breakdown?

Once your new and improved plan has been provided to you, our project managers will guide you on how to apply the changes to your mobility plan.

Get the most out of your mobility plan

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