Communications technology for business development

Business Fiber Internet

For businesses, having a stable and reliable Internet connection is crucial. Downtimes and slow connections not only impede productivity, but they also make you lose profit. With Business Fiber Internet, you get the reliability that you need with ultra-fast fiber optic speeds, and more.

Dedicated Internet

The most common mistake of business owners (especially those with small and medium-sized enterprises) is to be complacent with their cybersecurity. When in fact, they’re the most vulnerable to hackers and ransomware attackers. Get an unshared Internet connection that is built solely for you.

Voice over Internet Protocol

Amplify your business with feature-rich phones that reduce operating costs and improve your communications. With VoIP, you can get in touch with your staff or your clients anywhere, anytime as long as you have an Internet connection.

Our other intelligent solutions

Internet on Demand

Manage and customize your Internet in real-time with Software-Defined Networking-enabled technology — the first of its kind. Instantly add or modify services, scale bandwidths, or expand network access whenever your business needs it.

Cloud PBX

Enable full access to the best PBX features minus the expensive equipment. Using cloud technology and VoIP, you can route your services through the Internet. Even more, there’s no need to manage a PBX system in your office; upkeep and maintenance is all on your provider.

Software Defined Networking

Take control of your business with a scaled and automated delivery system. Maintain a top-level view of your network while reducing network infrastructure costs by using a centralized controller exclusive for administrators.

Internet of Things

Transform your fleet management system with IoT. More than a mere GPS tracker, IoT enables fleet managers to analyze data (such as mileage or fuel consumption) more efficiently to make better business decisions that impact cost and customer satisfaction.

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